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Hi! I study Computer Science, Language Technologies, and Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University.

I will be joining Facebook Infrastructure in January 2017.

Research / Software Systems

Finite Memory Automaton
Solving static and dynamic two-armed Bernoulli bandit problems under finite memory constraints. (Read More)
Advisor: Adam Bjorndahl

Extending Quark
Adding formally verified password management to the Quark web browser for supporting single sign on while maintaining limited tab separation.
Advisors: Lujo Bauer, Limin Jia

Stack Searcher
Question answering system leveraging content in the open QA community Stack Overflow.
Team: Kavya Srinet, Srivaths Ranganathan, and Ariel Rao
Advisor: Eric Nyberg

Wikipedia Question Generation and Answering  
A competitive system for automated question generation and answering given raw HTML files from Wikipedia; leverages existing technologies with domain information to improve coreference resolution, pronoun resolution, and topic identification.
Team: Ariel Rao, Vijay Viswanathan, Caitlin Lohman, Emily Bram

Probabilistic Satisfiability Solver
An optimized automated satisfiability solver on the principles of the resolution theorem for predicate logic.
Advisor: Thomas Icard

Work Experience

Facebook Infrastructure Capacity Engineering and Analysis
Infrastructure Engineering Intern
Developed a service for optimizing the allocation of datacenter power resources to all Facebook services based on service profiles.

Groupon Goods Inbound Logistics
Software Engineering Intern
Developed a new return-to-vendor (RTV) service to automate the flow of consignment goods through the reverse supply chain. Machine Learning
Machine Learning Software Intern
Contributed to the R interface of H2O, an open source math engine for big data that computes parallel distributed machine learning algorithms within various cluster environments.

Course Assistant

15-421 Information Security and Privacy 2016 Fall
80-405 Game Theory 2016 Spring

Web & Mobile Apps

Git A Translation  
HackPSU 2015

First Place Virtual Hack
EdTech Innovation Award

Git a Translation is a web application which aims to make open source code more accessible by offering translations of documentation in Github code files.
Team: Ariel Rao, Chirag Aggarwal

Groupon GeekOn 2015 (Seattle)

Highest Scoring Project

MeowLife gives the infrastructure for supporting an ads keyword bidding platform as well as presents two very relevant use cases; MeowLife presents an innovative way for surfacing and marketing products as the quantity of similar active deals grows.
Team: Robert Lee, Vivek Muppalla, Nilay Goyal, Kevin Jungmeisteris, Samuel Guirado Navarro, Ariel Rao, Maria Stoica, Yutong Luo

TartanHacks 2015

Best Use of Azure Cloud Services

MoneyPLS is an open source web application which makes event donations through Venmo as easy to track as they are to make.
Team: Christopher Wei, Aatish Nayak, Ariel Rao, Justin Liu

MHacks 2015

American Express Sponsor Prize

NewsBot is a one-stop daily digest for your organization; with a few clicks and useful human commands, NewsBot provides a stream of tailored news articles cleverly scrapped and summarized by our algorithms.
Team: Aatish Nayak, Ariel Rao, Christopher Wei

HackPrinceton 2014
HeatTweet streams live Twitter data to a Google Map plugin, giving statistical insight to regional lingo and urban slang.
Team: Christopher Wei, Ariel Rao, Shreya Gupta, Anatol Liu, Richard Chiang


A Road to Today - A Local History Museum
California Dream Week 2013

Architecture and Design Finalist

A self-sustaining local history museum design that is structured upon free form concepts found in nature.
Team: Ariel Rao, Beatrice Goh, Jake Caccamo, Chloe Merriam, Tommy Koyama
Mentor: Phil Wiechec

Mountain View High School - An Ideal School
ACE/CIRT National Conference 2012

First Place School Design
Second Place Overall

A re-imagination of a self-sustaining and versatile high school.
Team: Joseph Chang, Ariel Rao, Christina Nilles, Beatrice Goh, Jake Caccamo, Katia Kiefaber, Chloe Merriam
Mentor: Aimee Lopez